Rules & Policies

Age Classifications (Age as of December 31, 2017)

Preteen I: 9 or less

Preteen II: 10 or 11

Junior I: 12 or 13

Junior II: 14 or 15

Youth: 16, 17 or 18

Adult: 19 or greater

Senior I: 35 or greater (one partner 35, other partner must be 30)

Senior II: 45 or greater (one partner 45, other partner must be 40)

Senior III: 55 or greater (one partner 55, other partner must be 50)

Senior IV: 65 or greater (one partner 65, other partner must be 60)

Prior written approval of a parent or legal guardian is required for all athletes under the age of 18. This must be presented at the time of package pickup.

Eligible athletes may only compete in two consecutive age classifications in a particular style at a given competition. Athletes may enter up to two consecutive proficiency levels in each style or discipline at the minimum level for which they are qualified and one higher. (In the Teacher/Student events, PreBronze, Intermediate Silver and Intermediate Gold are not considered to be skill levels.)

According to USA DanceSport rules, rest time will be allowed between rounds of any one event. In the interim, other events will be run. Competitors who register for more than one age group or skill level may find some of their events run back-to-back.

Note: Athlete couples must qualify in the same partnership and in the same event (style/age/proficiency level) in at least one NQE in order to be eligible to enter the event at the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships. Couples must have placed in the top 65% in their event at an NQE in order to qualify for nationals.

Cancellation Policy

Competitors cancelling by May 19, 2017, will receive a 75% refund; those cancelling between May 20 and June 7, will receive a 50% refund. Those cancelling after June 7, 2017 will not receive refunds. Please allow 30 days for processing.


All persons attend this event at their own risk and agree to hold harmless the organizers, USA Dance and the Crowne Plaza Hotel from any injury sustained at the event. Each person is solely responsible for his/her own belongings; the organizers, USA Dance and the Crowne Plaza Hotel cannot be held liable for any loss or theft of articles left in changing rooms, ballroom, hotel rooms and other event facilities. All persons agree, unless they notify the organizers otherwise, that USA Dance may use any film, video or photograph containing their images as well as their identifying names.


Check the current USA DanceSport Rulebook for updates regarding dress, jewelry and shoes. It is the competitor's responsibility to comply with dress regulations, and those found to be out of compliance may be disqualified by the Chairman of Judges. You may access the rulebook at

A USA Dance Official will be available on site so that competitors can ask questions and verify dress compliance. Dress/costumes will be checked prior to package pickup for all Preteen through Youth syllabus competitors. If you have questions regarding dress/costumes, contact


All adult competitors must be registered DanceSport Athlete members of USA Dance or other member organization of the WDSF in good standing. Preteens, Juniors and Youth competitors must be Minor or Student Athlete members of USA Dance in good standing. Competitors entering only open single dance events need only be USA Dance/Social Ballroom members.

In the Teacher/Student events, the partner not being judged or Teacher does not have to be a USA Dance member; however the judged partner or Student must be a member of USA Dance (Social, Ballroom or Athlete) in good standing.

Dancers must be eligible for each event they enter and shall not compete in any classification below the minimum proficiency level for which they are eligible.

Event Format and Entry Divisions

Events consist of one, two, three, four or five dances in succession without leaving the dance floor. Nine and ten dance events will also be offered, but the dances are divided between Smooth/Standard and Rhythm/Latin and not danced consecutively.

The best combined score for all dances in each event will determine places in that event. The scoring system used is the skating system. Events may be separated into two or more heats at the discretion of the Chairman of Judges. Depending upon the number of couples entered, some age groups or proficiency levels may dance at the same time as others, even though each group is being judged as a separate event. The competition organizer reserves the right to combine or cancel events for which there is an insufficient number of entries.

Master of Syllabus

Master of Syllabus is offered in all four dance styles. Only syllabus figures can be danced. The events are open age group and open costume.

Open Single Dance Events

To be eligible for these dance events, one need only be a Social/Ballroom member of USA Dance.

Registration Fees

Registration Fees For Amateur Couples

Early registration fee per person:

PreTeen, Junior & Youth: $70.00

PreTeen, Junior & Youth without banquet (Not available to others.): $50.00

Adult & Senior: $150.00

After May 19, registration fee per person:

PreTeen, Junior & Youth: $90.00

Adult & Senior: $170.00

NOTE: Registration package includes banquet and entry into ballroom for all sessions and a competition program. It also includes all event entries. When registering, indicate any medical dietary needs.

Registration Fees For Teacher/Student Couples

Early registration fee per person:

PreTeen, Junior & Youth without banquet: $50.00

PreTeen, Junior & Youth: $70.00

Adult & Senior: $100.00

After May 19, registration fee per person:

PreTeen, Junior & Youth: $75.00

Adult & Senior: $125.00

NOTE: Registration package includes banquet(unless noted) and entry into ballroom for all sessions. It does not include event entries. When registering, indicate any medical dietary needs.

Event entries – price per couple:

PreTeen, Junior & Youth: $5.00

Adults & Seniors

1&2 Dance events: $15.00

3 Dance events: $20.00

4-5 Dance events: $25.00

9-10 Dance events: $40.00

Workshops: $10.00 EA Advance, $15.00 at door

VIP Seating at Banquet: $25.00 EA

Spectator Tickets (Advance prices)

Adult session: $10.00

Child session: $5.00

Adult Saturday evening session: $20.00

Adult Saturday banquet and competition: $65.00 (Deadline June 16)

Adult weekend pass: $80.00 (Deadline June 16)

NOTE: Weekend pass includes entry to all sessions, the Saturday banquet and a competition program. For more information about spectator tickets see the Spectator Tab on this website at

Registration Information

The Gumbo accepts online registration only. It is available with a credit card at or If for some reason you are unable to register on line, contact Charlie Clement at (225) 202-2212 for assistance. Discounted entry deadline: Entry fees must be received by May 19, 2017. Final entry deadline: Entry fees must be received no later than June 7, 2017. Our registrar, Charlie Clement, will not be able to consider entries "received" until full payment is made.

Register for all events in which you may want to dance. Adding events after final registration will be limited, as requests that necessitate adding a round (Example: A final becoming a semi-final) will not be allowed. All changes made at the competition must be made on a change request form which will be provided in your competition package at the site.

Each competitor must have a valid USA Dance membership at the time of registration, as his/her membership number is required as part of the registration process. For those who are not members in good standing, you can go on line at and make any necessary membership transaction. All membership entries are to be completed no later than one week prior to the competition in order to be processed and valid. You must bring proof of current membership with you to the competition.

If paying your registration fees by check, make the check payable to Louisiana DanceSport and send to:

Louisiana DanceSport

c/o Sterling Sightler, Treasurer

872 Nelson Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Upon arriving at the competition site and before competing both members of each partnership must check in at the package pick up desk. Each athlete is required to present his/her valid USA Dance "Athlete" registration card and a photo ID (Student ID if applicable) to package pick up. The only exceptions may be for PreTeen and Junior dancers who do not have student IDs. If you applied for USA Dance membership or your membership has been renewed since registering, you must present proof of current membership or renewal in order to pick up your package. Dress/costumes will be checked prior to package pickup for all Preteen through Youth syllabus competitors.


This competition is run according to the current USA Dance DanceSport Rulebook. All competitors should refer to the rulebook prior to completing the entry form and competing. You may access and download the rulebook at WDSF guidelines are adhered to for those events.

Spectator Tickets (Advance prices)

Weekend Pass (Advance sales only) : $80.00

(Includes entrance to ballroom for the weekend, Saturday Banquet & Competition and a Competition Program.)

VIP Seating (Reserved front row seating at Saturday Banquet and Championship finals: $25.00

Adult Session Spectator Tickets, Per Session: $10.00

Note: Ticket good for any one session except Saturday evening.

Youth Session Spectator Tickets*: $5.00

*Note: Youth is considered 12 years through 17 years; 11 and younger free to daytime competitive events.

Adult Saturday Banquet: $65.00

Youth Saturday Banquet: $40.00

Saturday Evening Comp Only: $20.00

Youth Saturday Evening Comp: $ 5.00

Workshops: $10.00


No lifts are permitted in any division. No props are allowed in any division.

Recognized syllabus steps can be found in the USA Dance Syllabus Guidebook on the website at

The on-deck system will be used for all events. Competitors must be in the ballroom and ready to dance 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time for the event in which they are competing. They must report to the Deck Captain two heats prior to their event. Any competitor who does not take to the floor by the time the music begins will be disqualified from that event.

Should a conflict arise between the guidelines of the USA Dance Rulebook and information in this package, the USA Dance Rulebook is the final authority, even though the conflict has to do with a non-sanctioned event.

Teacher/Student Events

Teacher/Student events are offered at this competition in all skill or proficiency levels and the open single dance events. A Teacher/Student event consists of a judged USA Dance member and a partner. The partner may consist of a male or female teacher regardless of the sex of the Student partner. In Teacher/Student events, eligibility is determined by the Student's age and proficiency level; only the Student is judged. Male and female Students are judged separately. Teacher Student couples may not also compete in other non-Teacher/Student events. Questions about Teacher/Student events are to be directed to Ann Durocher at

Video & Photography

A videographer will be available to videotape competitors upon request. A professional photographer will also be available to take action shots upon request.

Private photography and videography are allowed; however, unless you are an officially registered photographer, you may take photographs only while sitting in your seat or in a designated area in the ballroom. Please do not obstruct anyone else's view of the dancing. In addition, camera/video lenses that extend more than 6 inches beyond the base of the camera are not to be used. There will be no photographing or videotaping from the floor, the aisles or walkways. No flash photography is allowed unless you are an official photographer. All pictures/videos are for one's personal use and are not for commercial use or sales. Tripods are allowed only in the designated area at the end of the ballroom. Monopods are allowed as long as no one's view is obstructed, but one must be seated when using a monopod.