Rules & Policies



All adult competitors must be registered DanceSport Athlete members of USA Dance or other member organization of the WDSF in good standing. Preteens, Juniors and Youth competitors must be Minor or Student Athlete members of USA Dance in good standing. Competitors entering only open single dance events need only be USA Dance/Social Ballroom members.

In the Pro/Am events, the partner not being judged or Professional does not have to be a USA Dance member; however the judged partner or Student/Amateur must be a member of USA Dance (Social, Ballroom or Athlete) in good standing.

Dancers must be eligible for each event they enter and shall not compete in any classification below the minimum proficiency level for which they are eligible.

Age Classifications (Age as of December 31, 2018)

Preteen I 9 or less

Preteen II 10 or 11

Junior I 12 or 13

Junior II 14 or 15

Youth 16, 17 or 18

Young Adult 16 – 24 *

Adult 19 or greater

Senior I 35 or greater (one partner 35, other partner must be 30)

Senior II 45 or greater (one partner 45, other partner must be 40)

Senior III 55 or greater (one partner 55, other partner must be 50)

Senior IV 65 or greater (one partner 65, other partner must be 60)

Senior V 75 or greater (one partner 75, other partner must be 70)

*The Young Adult age classification has been added specifically for this competition and is not sanctioned by USA Dance. It is available to amateur couples only. Both partners must be between the ages of 16 and 24.

Prior written approval of a parent or legal guardian is required for all athletes under the age of 18. This must be presented at the time of package pickup.

Eligible athletes may only compete in two consecutive age classifications in a particular style at a given competition. Athletes may enter up to two consecutive proficiency levels in each style or discipline at the minimum level for which they are qualified and one higher. Since Young Adult is not a USA Dance sanctioned age classification, it is not considered an age group for assessing eligibility. (In the Pro/Am events, PreBronze, Intermediate Silver and Intermediate Gold are not considered to be skill levels.)

According to USA DanceSport rules, rest time will be allowed between rounds of any one event. In the interim, other events will be run. Competitors who register for more than one age group or skill level may find some of their events run back-to-back.

Note: Athlete couples must qualify in the same partnership and in the same event (style/age/proficiency level) in at least one NQE in order to be eligible to enter the event at the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships. Couples must have placed in the top 75% in their event at an NQE in order to qualify for nationals.

Open Single Dance Events

To be eligible for these dance events, one need only be a Social/Ballroom member of USA Dance.

General Rules

This competition is run according to the current USA Dance DanceSport Rulebook. All competitors should refer to the rulebook prior to completing the entry form and competing. You may access and download the rulebook at WDSF guidelines are adhered to for those events.