Rules & Policies

Event Format and Entry Divisions

Event Format and Entry Divisions

Events consist of one, two, three, four or five dances in succession without leaving the dance floor. Nine and ten dance events will also be offered, but the dances are divided between Smooth/Standard and Rhythm/Latin and not danced consecutively.

The best combined score for all dances in each event will determine places in that event. The scoring system used is the skating system. Events may be separated into two or more heats at the discretion of the Chairman of Judges. Depending upon the number of couples entered, some age groups or proficiency levels may dance at the same time as others, even though each group is being judged as a separate event. The competition organizer reserves the right to combine or cancel events for which there is an insufficient number of entries.

General Rules

This competition is run according to the current USA Dance DanceSport Rulebook. All competitors should refer to the rulebook prior to completing the entry form and competing. You may access and download the rulebook at WDSF guidelines are adhered to for those events.