Rules & Policies



No lifts are permitted in any division. No props are allowed in any division.

Recognized syllabus steps can be found in the USA Dance Syllabus Guidebook on the website at

The on-deck system will be used for all events. Competitors must be in the ballroom and ready to dance 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time for the event in which they are competing. They must report to the Deck Captain two heats prior to their event. Any competitor who does not take to the floor by the time the music begins will be disqualified from that event.

Should a conflict arise between the guidelines of the USA Dance Rulebook and information in this package, the USA Dance Rulebook is the final authority, even though the conflict has to do with a non-sanctioned event.

General Rules

This competition is run according to the current USA Dance DanceSport Rulebook. All competitors should refer to the rulebook prior to completing the entry form and competing. You may access and download the rulebook at WDSF guidelines are adhered to for those events.