2018 Proposed Schedule of Events

This schedule is tentative and times are approximate. Changes to the schedule, with more precise times, will be posted on this website after registration closes and the competition is heated.

Registration package pick-up in the hotel atrium starting Thursday evening.

Friday Daytime - Tentative start time 9AM:

Rhythm Syllabus

Open Rhythm




West Coast Swing

Smooth Syllabus

American V Waltz

Championship events:

  • JR/Youth/YA Rhythm
  • SR II Rhythm
  • SR IV Rhythm
  • SR V Rhythm
  • SR V Smooth
  • SR IV Standard
  • SR V Latin

Friday Evening Championships:

WDSF SR II Open Standard

JR/Youth/YA Standard

SR I Standard

SR III Standard

SR I Latin

SR III Latin

SR I Rhythm

SR III Rhythm

JR/Youth/YA Smooth

SR II Smooth

SR IV Smooth

Nine Dance

Saturday Daytime:

Latin Syllabus

Open Latin


Open Smooth

Open Standard

Championship events:

  • JR/Youth/YA Latin
  • SR IV Latin
  • SR V Standard
  • International V Waltz
  • Ten Dance

Saturday Evening Championships:

WDSF SR I Open Standard

WDSF SR III Open Standard

Adult Standard

SR II Standard

Adult Rhythm

Adult Smooth

SR I Smooth

SR III Smooth

Adult Latin

SR II Latin

Sunday Daytime:

Standard Syllabus

PreTeen/JR/Youth Smooth Syllabus

JR/Youth American V Waltz

PreTeen/JR/Youth Rhythm Syllabus

JR/Youth Jive

JR/Youth Salsa

JR/Youth West Coast Swing